Summer school at UNEC together with Siegen University – “Enterpreneurship and SME: Basics of Business”

“The enterpreunership education EE-KEY-AZ at UNEC: the Summer School organized within the framework of the project “creation of work places in Azerbaijan and the main factor of employment has been launched.

The Summer School, which will last for five days, will be on the topic  the “Enterpreunership and SME: Basics of the Business”. The corses at the Summer School are conducted under the leadership of Professor Petra Moog of Siegen University of Germany with the joint participation of UNEC and Siegen University master’s degree level students. As a lecturer, professor  Birgit Felden, the director of Enterpreuneurship, KOS and Family Business Institute of  Berlin Economics and  Law School from Germany was invited, as well.

The heads and specialists of Azerbaijani business organizations will also share their experiences with  the participants of  the Summer School, will deliver the lectures on the recent trends in the economy of  the country. During the summer school, the excursions will be organized to familiarize the participants with the activities of the production facilities of the country.

At the end, the master’s degree level students will be evaluated based on the results of their business plans and will receive the credits.

PhD Exchange

In the end of 2017, the mutual PhD student exchange followed this year. For this purpose, five PhD students from Azerbaijan visited us for one month each to research and network at the University of Siegen. Likewise, Miriam Hiepler and Konrad Meisner from the chair traveled to Baku in November to work there.

IECER Conference

Eight professors and UNEC staff members participated at the IECER (Interdisciplinary European Conference on Entrepreneurship) conference. As part of the project, the conference matched the sensitization and qualification approach for Entrepreneurship Education.

Autumnschool in Siegen 2017

In September, an autumn school took place in Siegen. The topic of the school was international marketing. This school was held by Sevar Mammadova, a lecturer from the Azerbaijan State University of Economics. Ten students from Germany and ten Students from Azerbaijan attended at the school.

Professor P.Moog: “Azerbaijan has a very strong potential in the field of non-oil exports”

Closing of the Spring School on “Entrepreneurship, Small and Medium Sized Enterprises: Business Fundamentals” was arranged at UNEC. The event has taken place within the project “EE- KEY- AZ Entrepreneurship Education: A Key to Job Creation and Employability in Azerbaijan”.

Head of the Department for International Cooperation Anar Kazimov noted that UNEC teachers, especially young research fellows and students have taken possession broad knowledge and experience on entrepreneurship, establishment and development of business within the project. According to the project, familiarization with the particulars and performance of the business infrastructure of Germany and Azerbaijan has also happened. 10 graduate students of the University of Siegen and 12 of UNEC attended the project.

A Professor of the University of Siegen Petra Moog who expressed satisfaction of her visit at UNEC and evaluated the projects implemented in the university thanked the teaching staff and students of the University of Siegen and UNEC, as well as the representatives of the University of Montpellier for their active participation. P.Moog noted that she got closely acquainted with most manufacturers performing in Azerbaijan and obtained detailed information about the country’s economy within her trip to Azerbaijan. She said Azerbaijan has a strong economy and non- oil export is being developed in the country rapidly.

Views on the latest tendencies and problems of Azerbaijan economy were exchanged within the event. A Working Group of the Round-table organized in Germany and the experts of the Winter School arranged at UNEC were awarded certificates in the end.

About the Project: The “EE- KEY- AZ Entrepreneurship Education: A key to Job Creation and Employability in Azerbaijan” Project was approved for funding by the DAAD. The Project is to be implemented within 4 years and has an actions plan on several directions.

German Guests of UNEC evaluate the Production Process in Azerbaijan highly

A delegation consisting of the teaching staff and graduate students of the University of Siegen and UNEC who attended the Spring School on “Entrepreneurship and SME: Business Fundamentals” Projects arranged from April 17 to 21 within the “EE-KEY-AZ Entrepreneurship Education: A Key to Job Creation and Employability in Azerbaijan” Project were on an excursion in the Oil Processing Plant of Azersun Holding.

Azersun Holding’s representative provided the guests with the information about the performance of the plant and invited them to follow the production process closely. At the same time, he made them familiar with the production assortments and samples. German teachers and students noted the production process is in high level and organized properly; they stressed it is conducted in accordance with the world standards and norms.

The guests’ questions were responded in the end and they were introduced special gifts from Azersun Holding. 

UNEC and the University of Siegen start joint Spring School – “Business Fundamentals”

A Spring School has been launched at UNEC within the Project “EE- KEY- AZ Entrepreneurship Education: A Key to Job Creation and Employability in Azerbaijan”. The four- day Spring School will be conducted on “Entrepreneurship and Small and Medium Sized Enterprise: Business Fundamentals”.

Congratulating the students selected for the Spring School, Head of the International Relations Department Anar Kazimov wished them successes within the opening. He said the University of Siegen’s Professor Petra Moog would run the Spring School joined by 12 graduate students of UNEC and 10 of the University of Siegen. Leaders and experts of Azerbaijani businesses will share their experiences with the participants and lecture about the latest tendencies of the country’s economy. Excursions to the country’s manufacturers will also be arranged to make the participants familiar with their performances.

Masters will be assessed on the basis of their business plans and get credits in the end.

Note: The “EE- KEY- AZ Entrepreneurship Education: A key to Job Creation and Employability in Azerbaijan” Project was adopted to be funded by DAAD. The Project is intended to be implemented within 4 years and has an actions plan on several directions. The Spring School will take place through April 17 to 21.

Azerbaijan through UNEC’s German Graduate’s Eyes

UNEC implements a series of successful projects, including student exchange with the University of Siegen of Germany.

The graduate students of the Siegen University Jens Bolay and Tim Dettmann who applied for the exchange program of UNEC for the spring term of 2016/2017 academic year came to Azerbaijan on February 15. They study in UNEC Business School.

J.Bolay is an amateur photographer, too. The German student places photos regularly shot in Baku and the regions from the day of his arrival to Azerbaijan in his photo blog.

J.Bolay explained his desire to study at UNEC was based from the thoughts of German students who studied here before. They are of positive opinion about UNEC. At the same time, they note that Azerbaijan is a very beautiful country; people are very hospitable and affectionate. That’s why I choose UNEC to study. Besides his studies at UNEC, he transfers fascinating nature of Azerbaijan, eye- catching historical monuments to the memory of his camera.

UNEC Teachers’ Theses were discussed in the PhD Board of the University of Siegen


The joint “EE-KEY-AZ Project. Entrepreneurship Education: A Key to Job Creation and Employability in Azerbaijan” Project of Azerbaijan State University of Economics (UNEC) and the University of Siegen of Germany is successfully in progress. UNEC staff Ragif Gasimov’s, Anar Huseynov’s and Aysel Guliyeva’s dissertations  who were on business in Germany had been discussed in PhD Board of the University of Siegen.

The PhD Board of the University of Siegen containing graduate and doctoral students holds meetings  on the basis of the schedule adopted once a year more than once. The Board Chairman and Assistant instruct the members to develop presentations covering the direction, theme, methodology and urgency of the dissertations. Presentations are debated within the meeting and requirements for the next stage in connection with the dissertation are determined.

Plans of UNEC teachers’ dissertations were submitted and the University of Siegen graduates’ offers and recommendations were heard within the Board Meeting this time.