Azerbaijan through UNEC’s German Graduate’s Eyes

UNEC implements a series of successful projects, including student exchange with the University of Siegen of Germany.

The graduate students of the Siegen University Jens Bolay and Tim Dettmann who applied for the exchange program of UNEC for the spring term of 2016/2017 academic year came to Azerbaijan on February 15. They study in UNEC Business School.

J.Bolay is an amateur photographer, too. The German student places photos regularly shot in Baku and the regions from the day of his arrival to Azerbaijan in his photo blog.

J.Bolay explained his desire to study at UNEC was based from the thoughts of German students who studied here before. They are of positive opinion about UNEC. At the same time, they note that Azerbaijan is a very beautiful country; people are very hospitable and affectionate. That’s why I choose UNEC to study. Besides his studies at UNEC, he transfers fascinating nature of Azerbaijan, eye- catching historical monuments to the memory of his camera.