Professor P.Moog: “Azerbaijan has a very strong potential in the field of non-oil exports”

Closing of the Spring School on “Entrepreneurship, Small and Medium Sized Enterprises: Business Fundamentals” was arranged at UNEC. The event has taken place within the project “EE- KEY- AZ Entrepreneurship Education: A Key to Job Creation and Employability in Azerbaijan”.

Head of the Department for International Cooperation Anar Kazimov noted that UNEC teachers, especially young research fellows and students have taken possession broad knowledge and experience on entrepreneurship, establishment and development of business within the project. According to the project, familiarization with the particulars and performance of the business infrastructure of Germany and Azerbaijan has also happened. 10 graduate students of the University of Siegen and 12 of UNEC attended the project.

A Professor of the University of Siegen Petra Moog who expressed satisfaction of her visit at UNEC and evaluated the projects implemented in the university thanked the teaching staff and students of the University of Siegen and UNEC, as well as the representatives of the University of Montpellier for their active participation. P.Moog noted that she got closely acquainted with most manufacturers performing in Azerbaijan and obtained detailed information about the country’s economy within her trip to Azerbaijan. She said Azerbaijan has a strong economy and non- oil export is being developed in the country rapidly.

Views on the latest tendencies and problems of Azerbaijan economy were exchanged within the event. A Working Group of the Round-table organized in Germany and the experts of the Winter School arranged at UNEC were awarded certificates in the end.

About the Project: The “EE- KEY- AZ Entrepreneurship Education: A key to Job Creation and Employability in Azerbaijan” Project was approved for funding by the DAAD. The Project is to be implemented within 4 years and has an actions plan on several directions.