Autmnschool and Workshop in Siegen

As in the last years, also this year an Autumnschool took place in Siegen as part of the DAAD-funded project “EE-KEY-AZ”. In October 15 students of the Azerbaijan State University of Economics (UNEC) visited the University of Siegen and were welcomed by 12 German students. The school was held by Prof. Dr. Muslum Ibrahimov, a lecturer from UNEC, and was themed “Founding in the field of agriculture”. Founding companies in this area enjoy great popularity in Azerbaijan and thus the students had the opportunity to deal with the latest innovation technologies in the field of agriculture and to develop their own business ideas on the subject. During Autumnschool, the students worked in international teams on these ideas, sharing their opinions and knowledge.

In addition to the students from Azerbaijan, 5 professors and employees from UNEC came to participate in the Network Meeting of the EE-KEY-AZ project. As part of the workshop, the Azerbaijani delegation as well as the students were briefed about different programs for entrepreneurship education in Siegen. Prof. Dr. Petra Moog spoke about “Sustainable Managing Entrepreneurs”. Another speaker was Mrs. Greber, an employee from the founding office of the University of Siegen, who talked about the topic “Sustainable entrepreneurial thinking and acting”. In the afternoon, Start-up stories were presented to the participants. A highlight was the presentation of the founder Bastian Sch√§fer, who introduced his own business idea. The presentations were followed by a lively and varied discussion on the subject of entrepreneurship education, which further sensitised the participants.

Besides the content program there were further offers for the participants of the Autumnschool. During the excursions to the city center and old town of Siegen, the upper and lower castle  particularly impressed with their architecture and their historical background. A visit to the nearby city of Cologne was also on the agenda so that the Azerbaijani participants were able to breathe some german metropolitan air. The trip to Cologne ended in a joint dinner in a restaurant. The lively discussions showed that the UNEC students were able to learn a great deal about Germany and german culture in the very short time of their stay.