Springschool at UNEC, Baku

The next spring school on “Entrepreneurship and SMEs: Fundamentals of Entrepreneurship”, in the framework of the project “EE-KEY-AZ Entrepreneurship Education: A Key to Job Creation and Employability in Azerbaijan”, from UNEC and the University of Siegen, took place at UNEC in Baku.

The Springschool took place from 15 to 19 April. The lectures, in which the students of UNEC and the University of Siegen participated, were held by Professor Dr. Petra Moog and Professor Dr. Giuseppe Strina. During the Springschool, the master students exchanged their experiences and knowledge and met with experts and executives from different companies and institutions to inform themselves about the latest trends in the Azerbaijani economy. Factory tours were organized for the students to familiarize themselves with the activities of the national companies of the Azerbaijani economy.

On the 16th of April, a meeting on “SMEs and Entrepreneurship” took place, attended by professors from UNEC, the University of Siegen as well as representatives from business and institutions. The aim of the event was to bring business and university environments together, to expand cooperation between companies and start-ups and to establish networks.

At the end of the Springschool, students from both universities have one month to submit their own business plans.